Crystal Cup 2018


Kiitoksia kaikille kilpailuissa mukana olleille luistelijoille, vanhemmille, valmentajille, tuomareilla, tukijoille ja erityisesti talkoolaisille. Saimme taas kokea mukavat ja ikimuistoiset kilpailut!

Thank You for all the participants of Crystal Cup 2018!

See you next year on Crystal Cup 2019!

 Crystal Cup 2018
OrganizerMikkelin Luistelijat ry

Mikkelin Luistelijat ry, Mikkeli, Finland, has the pleasure of inviting your young and adult skaters to participate in the international figure skating competition Crystal Cup in Mikkeli on January 5th - 7th  2018.

Mikkelin Luistelijat, Миккели, Финляндия, приглашает ваших молодых фигуристов принять участие в международном соревновании по фигурному катанию Crystal Cup, которое пройдёт в городе Миккели с 5.01.2017 по 7.01.2018 гг.  Добро пожаловать!

All clubs and members of the National Figure Skating Federations associated with the ISU are invited to take part in the competition. The Organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants, if the number of entries is too high. The organizing club takes right to enter more competitors than other clubs. The clubs are asked to list the skaters in the order in which they wish to be accepted to the competition. The number of entrees per club and category is not limited.


Ikioma Areena, Raviradantie, Mikkeli Ice Rinks, Mikkeli, FINLAND

Competition directorMr Oskari Valtola tel. +358 40 7512154 email: oskarivaltola [at]
Competition secretary 
Competition |
Invitation, confirmation & schedule


Annex A

Junior A  Ladies element requirments by rules of Finnish Figure Skatig Federation!

Junior C, Novice C ja Debytants B corrected element requirements (2.1.2018)

Annex B & C


Skating order and categories CC2018 (updated 29.12.2017)

Skaters and schedule


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